Five Things You May Be Doing That Affect Your Fingernail Health

We bite into them, we cut them, we pick at them, in fact, we have declared all out war in order to get rid of them. What is this horrible thing we work so hard to get rid of? Cuticles. However, did you know, that your cuticles do serve a purpose?  Your Cuticles are a […]

Another Easy Nail Design with Jamberry

This was such an easy manicure to create and I love the modern look. An Easy Nail Design to Create Using Jamberry To create this nail design you will need Jamberry Nail Wrap called “Masterpiece”, and Holographic lacquer “That Glo Thou”.  Because I have terrible ridges on my nails, I always use Jamberry Ridge Filler, […]

Think Positive – “Yes I Can”

It’s hard to hear the word “NO” and it’s even harder not to take that rejection personally. However, with practice and mental adjustment, you can think positive and embrace the quote “Yes I Can”! The next natural progression from “Yes, I can” is “Yes, I will” and then it ends with “Yes, I did!” Think […]

I Want To Be A Boss Lady

Are you tired of that same-old-same-old 9 to 5 job? I was too!   Don’t let one more week, one more day, or one more minute go by, it’s time for change. Now is the time, become your own boss.  No, not just any boss, become a Boss Lady Yes, You can be a Boss […]